HELPSKIN(30/60Chewable Tablets)

We are excited to announce that we will be launching a revolutionary product that aims to treat dog and cat skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, hair loss, and seborrheic and severe chronic dermatitis!


This product helps to stimulate balances of body hormones,
retain probiotics in the stomach,gain softer and glossier looking hair,
enhance skin immune systum,and is widely used by veternarians when treating
cats and dogs with skin disease as a dietary supplement.


(per chewable tablet contains)
Soybean Fermented Peptides(SFP) Extract……380 mg

Use once per day.Can be fed alone or blended well with food.Amount is determined by
body weight:
under10KG……take 1-2 tab/day
20KG……………take 3-4 tab/day
Additional 1 tab for every additional 10kg.
If observed servere symptoms,make sure to double the amount.

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