Company Profile

Ourcompany was founded in 1998, is located in Taipei’s Tianmu Taiwan, has been successfully operating 19 years in 2003, migrated to expand its operations to its present site, and extending to companies operating in Hong Kong and mainland China, officially transformed into a professional pet-related products, health care products, medicines and equipment, and other related products import and export trade and manufacturing company.

Family originally forest management (FOREST FAMILY) family of brands, rabbit rat small animals specialized production began marketing products, distributor in Greater China since 1999 to obtain the right to the following two brands: V Pa (V POWER) British original herbal pet health biotechnology & therapy products, and the United States Witt (vet solutions) pet therapy supplies specialist in Taiwan by the majority of veterinarians and pet stores to promote the use, allow pets become pet owners loved and trusted brand of care and treatment.

And in 2001 the success of the above two series of professional pet products to enter the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao, and the three places by the national veterinarians, pet shops and pet pet owners love compatriots, 2005 V POWER and Vet solutions became continent Pet care and treatment industry renowned brands.

In 2007 in cooperation with the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs to the original Intellectual Property Office, put forward more than two pet product series of trademark applications in 2008, May 16 made a formal V POWER (animal feed … 031 class), July 16 (animal drugs … 005 class and animal cosmetics … 003 class), and in 2008 July 16 made a formal Vet solutions (animal cosmetics … 003 class), September 1 (animal drugs … 005 class and animal feed … 031 class), and other types of trademark registration certificates, enables professional pet products production and development companies are safeguarded to lay the foundation for sustainable development of the company.

In 2008 the United States imported more two pet brands: professional beauty care brands Professional Pet Products (PPP) and animal pharmaceutical manufacturing brand PRN Company’s products, marketing and made the right agent in the Greater China region, more in early 2009 made the most of Europe’s historic Pets best brand: Belgium Versailles enterprise Group (VERSELE-LAGA) of dogs and cats listed product distribution rights in Taiwan.

Currently Taiwan National Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the introduction of high-quality medical equipment for veterinary products, such as: Korea R-com Digital incubator group of pet care oxygen unit (Pet ICU), the Japanese company Nipro the world’s first dogs and cats hemodialysis instrument and Japanese air press produced the world’s first dogs and cats hyperbaric oxygen treatment cabins, recreating the business of the peak.

Currently in the central and southern Taiwan and another two auto companies in Hong Kong and the mainland has offices in Shanghai and branch offices, the mainland currently has 21 dealers in all major provinces and cities in the region are dealers, distribution of the company products.

The company co-founded by a number of companion animal lovers and a number of veterinarians, its main thrust is: advanced planning in order to give a better pet health, business objectives: to create a desired future companion animals unlimited possibilities, hope to introduce a variety of domestic and foreign advanced, high-quality companion animal-related products and contribute to companion animal owners and veterinarians use to create win-win business vision for the purpose.

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